5 surprising health benefits of eating pizza

Who doesn’t loves pizza? Well, we all do! Who wants pizza? All of us, again! But indulging in pizza or any other fast forward comes with its inhibitions. Fast food is always associated with obesity, becoming overweight, high cholesterol, high uric acid, indigestion and the list never ends! So all in all, you are told not to eat pizza no matter how much you love it. But let’s make things a little clearer. Did you know that there are some surprisingly health benefits of eating pizza? It is actually not at all as bad for your health as it sounds but in fact is capable of doing many wonderful things for your well-being.
Health benefits of eating pizza
There are several ways in which eating a pizza can improve your overall health and well-being. Even though it is classified as a junk food, we certainly believe that it has benefits that exceed beyonds what one can imagine. Better yet, we don’t even like to classify pizza junk food because such a marvellous food can’t even be called junk in the first place.
Here are the 5 surprising benefits of eating pizza and how it can do wonders for your body.
Benefit # 1: Calcium intake
One of the primary ways in which pizza improves your health is by improving your calcium intake. The primary ingredient in pizza is cheese which is an ample source of calcium for your body. Secondly, there are many other things such as eggs in the dough, white flour and tomatoes that can have a lot of calcium in them.
Benefit # 2: Vegetable intake
Let’s face it. Your mother tells you to eat veggies every day because we all know it is so important for your health. When you can’t have veggies on their own, there is always pizza just a call away. And yes, we do know that some pizzas don’t contain any vegetables. However, this is where you need to compromise as veggie pizzas are a pretty good deal as well.
Benefit # 3: Fights cancer
As absurd as it may sound, this is actually true. The key ingredient in pizza is tomato (sauce and raw both). Tomatoes are loaded with lycopene that is an antioxidant. It helps to fight cancer.  Better yet, people who eat pizza once a week are less prone to cancer and this fact is pretty amazing!
Benefit # 4: Wholesome meal
Pizza actually does well for your health because it is a wholesome meal. From calcium to magnesium, phosphorus, iron, vitamins and a lot of other minerals – pizza has a lot to offer. These minerals are vital for a human body and what better way to get them through this amazing food?
Benefit # 5: Protein intake
If you are not a vegetarian, you can actually benefit from the abundant quantities of protein in your pizza. Meat, chicken, sausages and seafood – pizza is definitely a rich source of protein.
Want pizza?
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